Classy bowls and Dr Catsby

Elevated feeders can help cats eat and drink in a more relax position. They can also help a cat digest better. After scouring the internet for feeders that are elevated, I found Classy bowls which are ceramic and raised at just the right height for cats. They come I a variety of colours and a minimalist in design. Not only that, every purchase contributes to a small donation to an animal charity or event.  Just be careful that you don’t trip over them like I did and end up breaking one. Pepper now has to make do with a Dr Catsby, which is designed especially to eliminate whiskers stress (yes, there is such a thing) elevated by a Marimekko biscuit tin.

classy bowl

Classy bowl

Dr Catsby.jpg

Pepper eating from a Dr Catbsy feeding bowl


Thundershirt for cat anxiety

If your cat is full of angst and is scared easily, I cannot recommend the Thundershirt enough. The Thundershirt, with its unique velcro placements, is wrapped around the cat like a burrito and it places constant pressure on the cat which is similar to swaddling a baby. You can even put it on when you are trimming their paws or cleaning their eyes so they still. As soon as you put it on the cat calms down instantly. I hear people also use it when they need to take their cat to the vet. I must remember to do that because Pepper has his tongue out and is hyperventilating whenever he leaves home.

Do  follow the instructions they provide on the leaflet to introduce your cat to the Thundershirt to ensure your cat is not scared of the Thundershirt itself. Pepper likes to wear it so much he walks over to me automatically whenever I take it out but it’s too bad he bolts like lightening whenever I take out the cat carrier. One step at a time I guess.


Pepper wearing his Thundershirt

Meyou Paris cat furniture

Meyou Paris‘ cat furniture designs are not only elegant but at the same time they provide your cat with comfort and instinctual needs as well. Take for example Ball, which is not only a bed, it doubles as a scratching surface as well. The Cube is a similar version to the Ball only that the Ball is now contained in a Cube. I’ve bought beds before my cats only to give it away after about a week of trying to coax them to use it. For some reason my cats do not like to sleep on super soft bedding so after a lot of trial and errors, my Goldilocks-like cats were finally happy with the Nest. The circular base is made from cotton ropes (which the cats can also use as a scratcher) and the cushioning is covered in a nice graphic print which can be easily thrown in the wash. It’s also just the right size to place on top of the Katmonite!

Meyou Paris nest

Ginger in the Nest

Katmonite cat scratchers

Kogongcat’s Katmonite are cardboard refillable cat scratchers. The scratcher is slightly indented in the centre so your cat fits snug in the middle of it. They come in neutral colours and look great in your home. and you can also flip the plastic bucket holding the cat scratcher upside down so your cat can use it as a seat to curl up on. Kokongcat are based in Korea and they ship their products internationally. We have two Katmonites one for each cat and they offer plenty of surfaces for Ginger and Pepper to scratch so they don’t scratch the furniture. They are inexpensive and the cardboard filling can be recycled.

Katmonite cat scratcher

Katmonite cat scratchers come in brown, ivory and charcoal



Hicat indoor tree climber

It’s natural for cats to climb trees and look down from a vantage point. The best thing about Hicat is that it brings the outdoors indoors and cats can have the best of both worlds. Hicat’s floor to ceiling climbers can be made to order to fit inside your home and they also come in a variety of sizes with or without cubby holes. You can also select from a variety of colours and materials to fit in with your décor.

We’ve installed a Polecat that Ginger, my other cat, loves and later we added a Bobcat under the table that Pepper sleeps in every day. Hicat’s products are shipped worldwide from the UK and you can ask them to provide you with a quote for delivery. I also hear that Hicat has partnered with Mirko in Australia which means Hicat will be available in Australia soon. Yay!

hicat pole climber

Pepper with our Hicat Pole climber


Modkat litter box

Pepper, my cat, has been using a Modkat litter box since he was 5 months old. He is now almost 5 years old and a fully matured British Shorthair. He weighs about 5.5kg so the litter box can fit bigger cats. Not only does the Modkat litter box look great, but it keeps the litter from going all over the floor which means less time spent cleaning up for you. It comes with its own canvas litter liner and its own scoop that hangs neatly on the side. You can buy spare litter liners as well. The idea is that the cat jumps into the little box from the top, go about its business and when he pops out, the bits of litter clinging to his feet drops back into the litter box.

Modkat has recently launched an XL version for large breeds or multiple cat households. Looks like, we’ll have to upgrade soon.

Modkat litter box

All things cats

When I brought my first cat (Pepper) home, I was looking for modern cat furniture and accessories that were practical and fun for him but fitted nicely into my home as well. I found a lot of cat furniture that were, to be frank, quite ugly. It took a lot of searching to find some ‘catiture’ that were functional and not an eyesore. To make it easier for you, I’m going to share with you the items I’ve found (some have been tried and tested) that your cat might like and are aesthetically pleasing for you as well! Hope you like it and your find something you and your cat will love.