Modkat litter box

Pepper, my cat, has been using a Modkat litter box since he was 5 months old. He is now almost 5 years old and a fully matured British Shorthair. He weighs about 5.5kg so the litter box can fit bigger cats. Not only does the Modkat litter box look great, but it keeps the litter from going all over the floor which means less time spent cleaning up for you. It comes with its own canvas litter liner and its own scoop that hangs neatly on the side. You can buy spare litter liners as well. The idea is that the cat jumps into the little box from the top, go about its business and when he pops out, the bits of litter clinging to his feet drops back into the litter box.

Modkat has recently launched an XL version for large breeds or multiple cat households. Looks like, we’ll have to upgrade soon.

Modkat litter box

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