Thundershirt for cat anxiety

If your cat is full of angst and is scared easily, I cannot recommend the Thundershirt enough. The Thundershirt, with its unique velcro placements, is wrapped around the cat like a burrito and it places constant pressure on the cat which is similar to swaddling a baby. You can even put it on when you are trimming their paws or cleaning their eyes so they still. As soon as you put it on the cat calms down instantly. I hear people also use it when they need to take their cat to the vet. I must remember to do that because Pepper has his tongue out and is hyperventilating whenever he leaves home.

Do  follow the instructions they provide on the leaflet to introduce your cat to the Thundershirt to ensure your cat is not scared of the Thundershirt itself. Pepper likes to wear it so much he walks over to me automatically whenever I take it out but it’s too bad he bolts like lightening whenever I take out the cat carrier. One step at a time I guess.


Pepper wearing his Thundershirt

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